"That's weird." Next time that thought crosses my mind I will pause and reflect. Reading 'Da's gek', loving it… https://t.co/ivdqPeCNjb
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RT @Dutchreviewing: You can't get it all right, in what sense do you think the Netherlands sucks? Don't sugarcoat it 🙃 https://t.co/rk0Qyd…
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Be a Local Friend to a Foreign Mom https://t.co/7C1dnGX8CS
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Back in Nairobi, after 5 weeks in Europe. Always great, crazy busy, hectic, full of shopping trips, meeting lovely… https://t.co/96JsACqk7y
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RT @TanyaTck: Reflections on returning to my overseas home: "It felt familiar, but also foreign...I’d finally settled into life in Australi…
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