Raising Third Culture Kids - For Parents & Teachers

Your children know how to get around at the airport, but get excited by the thought of catching a train in your home country. Your children have friends in at least two continents and can count to ten and greet in three or more languages.

They love chapatis but long for herring or french fries. They have moved school already 4 times, said goodbye a thousand times and cried too many nights because of missing this toy, that friend, this place. During the world cup, they don't know which team to support, and when visiting your home country, they suddenly realise they don't belong anymore.

If you are bringing up Third Culture Kids, this course is for you!

InterAct has developed the training 'raising Third Culture Kids'' to help you understand better the unique experience your child is going through. It will provide you with essential tools to assist your child in this beautiful journey of growing up as a global kid.

Course content

This course includes the following topics:

  • Third Culture Kids: understanding their world and their profile
  • Coping with loss and grief (in relation to the home country)
  • Questions about identity
  • Schooling, bilingualism and cultural differences in education and upbringing
  • Tips and tricks for parents and teachers
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