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Jacana Partners

Cross Cultural Awareness - for the worksplace - offsite at Naivasha

"I thought the workshop was interactive and fun and helped bring to the surface the differences in cultures. Well done!" (Kenyan)
"A great day at Lake Naivasha, you really helped me understand the culture issues and their importance." (Britt)
"The workshop helped us address sensitive cultural issues in a fun, enjoyable way and with a positive, constructive outcome." (American)
"For us a great awareness training on cross cultural communication for 6 nationalities working in 8 African countries. It allows us to address and discuss issues on this subject when they arise." (Dutch)
"Very productive workshop. Has enabled me to know other members of the group better and to understand the cultural differences within the group and how we can effectively work together as a group. The trainer is a delight to listen to." (Ghanaian)

American Embassy Nairobi

Workshop on Third Culture Kids

"Wonderful information that was enlightening and very helpful". (Canadian)

Cross Cultural Awareness - the basics:

"Culture is such a big part of who we are. It is easy to forget that we are part of a culture until we have to engage with people from other cultures. I never quite realised what my culture was until I moved abroad!" (Dane)
"Jody can create an atmosphere where people share their most embarrassing intercultural experiences for the benefit of the others. Jody knows what she is talking about." (Dutch)
"It was a great workshop. I enjoyed myself.and I truly trust that interact will grow to be a force to reckon with! Baraka tele." (Kenyan)

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